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Mr. T.N. Thakur (PRINCIPAL)

A Hearty Welcome to all the visitors of our Vidyalaya Website.

The Vidyalaya Website is the window for each and every Child, Parent as well as the Teacher. A visitor opens with each page that is uploaded for information. It gives immense satisfaction when old students browse the site and give a call that they are proud of their alma-matter.

Here, we do not discuss people, we discuss ideas. Through Website, we project our abilities and display our skills and reveal the strength of our Values. Here, at KV, Golaghat, we believe in making and not in breaking. If anything that we want to break that is breaking the spell of ignorance and creating a new light. Bearing the motto that invokes ‘The Sun God, The Perpetuator of Life’, to remove the veil of darkness, our Vidyalaya has striven ceaselessly towards endowing many a life with 'light', who will certainly contribute to the Welfare and Progress of the country. Therefore, through the window of our Website, let there be light.

It is a foregone conclusion that the identity of an institution corresponds with the ideology/philosophy of the one who leads it.

We acknowledge the contribution of those who have given shape to our Vidyalaya.


KV Golaghat welcomes suggestions and innovative ideas for further improvement

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